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*August 27, 2018*

"The following is written as my own personal self, AND as a PGR person.."

For those 120+ people that I have emailed PGR stuff out too over the years... say something... show up for PGR Missions.. or I will DELETE YOU!! I understand this world.. planet is getting stupid and busy.. but do NOT FORGET... those who did and gave their lives so we could be too busy, out of touch.. and not be thankful.. pay attention.. to WHY WE ARE HERE!!! Priorities People!!!

I do understand life is getting busy and stupid crazy nowdays. BUT.. if you can not take the time out to be thankful for what you have.. show up now n then.. Damm.. IF it was NOT for the Veterans on this USA Country planet.. YOU would not have Jack Chit!!! Grow up People and take some time out of your busy WussyAss schedule to show some respect!! I email the PGR notices out to 120+ people.. only 5 to 10 at 'MOST' people show up in the Susanville area. What the Hayll people... Are you dead already?! Brain Dead.. Brain damage.. DAMM...!!

There ARE those that I know from this area.. Nearby areas.. The Redding area.. The Northern Nevada area.. and others.. that have the courtesy and decensy to say yes or no that they are able, or will not be able to show up, but those who saying nothing? DAMMM.. what the Hayll is your problem? Are you dead yet??? Sounds like it... As they say.. actions speak louder than words...

The PGR list will get smaller in the next couple weeks.. unless.. you personally let me know you STILL want to participate.. not only in emails... BUT IN PERSON LIKE YOU SHOULD WHEN YOU CAN!!!

You might think this is harsh.. or outta line.. but.. GIT OVER IT DAMMUTT!!! Grow up and realize what IS REAL!!! I am tired of of people and their disrespect for our Veterans.. no matter what War or police action it was. They all, whether willingly or not, DID SOMTHING FOR OUR COUNTRY!!

I am done here people! You want to keep receiving Email noticies from www.NorCalPGR.org , then email back to me no later than by this coming Saturday September 15th, 2018!!! IF I do NOT recieve from you.. you WILL be DELLETED!!!! This costs me money for me personally dangut! Yes.. the past 7 years, the website, my time and everything has come from my own, very thin, money pocket. No more people. Show up, help out.. or go away...!!!!

You might not like this.. but I do not care! IF any of this tick's you off.. then you should not be here in the first place... There is NO political correctness in my own personal life.. and will BE NONE with the PGR that I am RC over!!!!

Ride Captain:
Blake "Burnout" - NorCalPGR
Susanville, CA
Webmaster and Owner

*July 8, 2018*

"About The Unclaimed Veteran's"

My last ride on Earth…..As I lay here waiting for my last ride from here to the cemetery, I look around, no family or friends. No one weeps for me, no one says good-bye.

My last few years were in a nursing home. I’ve outlived most of my friends and family. The ones that are still alive are too old to make it out. So now I am all alone with no one.

As they carry me out to the hearse I hear someone yell ,”Patriot Guard, ATTEN HUT! PRESENT ARMS!”

Who are all these men and women in black leather jackets, vests and gloves? Why do they salute ME? I am no Hero; all I did was serve my country while in the Military.

I’m just another American soldier who did my part.

Now I hear Motorcycles, I see flags flying as they escort me.

As they carry me to my final resting place, these people stand in the cold, snow and the rain with flags at their sides. I hear the Military honor squad with a three volley gun salute, and then a bugle sounds Taps. Silent prayers are being said, yet I hear every one. I see tears running down their faces as they tell me Good-bye. I am not alone; I have friends and family with me, My Patriot Guard Family.

Proud to be a very small part of this great group of patriots.

Ride Captain:
Blake "Burnout" - NorCalPGR
Susanville, CA
Webmaster and Owner

* May 4, 2018 *

"This is in response to PGR Ride Captain Blake's blog."

I have been a member of the Patriot Guard Riders since shortly after it's forming. My wife, also a member, and I have attended at least 200 missions, covering a very wide area: as far east as Ogden, Utah, as far north as Klamath Falls, Oregon, west to Northern California Veteran's Cemetery in Igo, Ca. as well as Redding, Anderson, Susanville, Quincy, Chester, Meadow Valley, Westwood, Janesville, Fall River Mills, Nubieber, & Alturas. Many missions to Northern Nevada Veteran's Cemetery in Fernley, Dayton, welcome missions at the Reno/Tahoe airport as well as the greater Reno area. We've driven countless thousands of miles, investing not only money but many, many hours, at times even during snowy road conditions.

We're fortunate now because we are retired so can devote the time to these missions, but the first couple years while still working made it more difficult.......but we still made it happen. Being a loyal PGR member requires not only dedication but appreciation & respect for our nation's veterans...our true heroes and their surviving families & friends. Ours is not a difficult service at these missions: mostly just "Standing the Flag Line" and showing the proper honor & respect to those who have earned it.

Being a Ride Captain myself, I've seen first-hand the dwindling numbers attending our local missions. This has been addressed on the national site as well. I believe there are numerous reasons for this lack of participation. First of all, the midwestern church which showed the most disrespect at military funerals has all but dissipated. I personally have had only one direct contact with them and that is years ago now.

Secondly, our WWII veterans missions are becoming very rare...simply because those vets are slowly but surely fading into the history books. I believe, as do many others, that they truly were our country's "Greatest Generation" of heroes.

Korea, Vietnam and our other "conflicts" were never politically correct and the veterans of those wars, and yes, they were wars, somehow inherited that stigma.

I can truly understand Ride Captain Blake's frustration and the lack of participation, even at the missions right at or very near Susanville. Our Modoc PGR has had more participation from Nevada, Sacramento & the Redding area than from our local area. One thing we've encountered here is opposition from our local vets organizations...which seem unwilling to compromise their importance at funerals with a bunch of "Ragtag bikers." At my last mission here, our County Veterans Service Officer, standing with only 2 other local members (because that's all he could muster) asked me "How in the hell do you manage to draw so many people....... especially strangers from out of the area?" (15 PGR)

Northern Nevada PGR missions are still very well attended, but one must take into consideration the vast population of that greater area.

We will continue to make our missions available locally but will also still attend Northern Nevada's missions when at all possible.

Susanville Ride Captain Blake has tried extremely hard to maintain that group and we will continue to support him, but he definitely needs more local support as well.

Skip "Boonierider" Kelly
Ride Captain, Modoc PGR
Alturas, CA

* April 28, 2018 *

"My observation over the past few years"

I had originally started writing this back on December 7th, 2017 a couple days after a local Susanville PGR Mission happened with very few (4) PGR there... The info about the Mission was sent out 2 weeks before it, and a week before it as reminder.

I’m more than disappointed with PGR around the Susanville areas… I am ashamed of what it has become.. let alone what the Country is nowdays. There have been many times that I have just wanted to give up about it, and say that the PGR is cancelled for this area.

Myself… as a PGR.. but more a Patriotic American that knows what it's like and what every Veteran did for me and my Country.. I hang on to it. I know that my email list of PGR that I send out to when there are PGR Missions, etc.. is 100-120 people right now. It disgusts me that no one does anything… very very few anyways. Sad watching it get smaller and smaller over the past 7 years that I personally have been with PGR here. I do appreciate those PGR who do show up when you can.. especially the very few regulars from the near areas.

I have had more support from PGR people in Reno, Redding and Alturas than with local here in Susanville areas.. it shouldn’t be that way. I know and understand PGR is totally voluntary.. people have their lives and what they have to deal with. It used to be 15 to 20 at minimum of PGR to be at a Mission here locally. Now yer lucky to have 2 to 3, maybe 5-10 at most?? Holy do-do.. am I missin somthin here?? Is everyone that busy.. or just not give a frack anymore?? DAMM…

That’s why recently.. I have only sent out the local PGR Mission statement happenings. Not about the fact of FINAL report and pics are available on website.. or about Reno’s Missions, etc. You wana know about it.. before the fact.. and after the fact.. check out the website.. that’s what I made it for!

It’s not cheap doing this for me. I do like making the website stuffs.. especially for what I am involved in with my heart and life. That I will always continue to do with my PGR website.. whether I have help financially, or not. As to what is going to happen with PGR in this Susanville area… Time will tell..

FYI.. Final Mission reports and photos are usually available within 2 to 4 days after the Mission happens.

Ride Captain:
Blake "Burnout" - NorCalPGR
Susanville, CA
Webmaster and Owner

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Ride Captain:
Blake "Burnout" - NorCalPGR
Susanville, CA
Webmaster and Owner

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