Over the past 7 years now the www.NorCalPGR.org website has been in operation, it has been myself, creating, maintaining and paying for the continued operation of this website for the benefit of people and PGR's in Northern California, Northern Nevada and the USA. It is an honor to do so.

I joined and was introduced to the PGR with the help of my wonderful WWII Navy Veteran friend 'Ray' from Westwood, CA, and it has been the greatest thing to happen with me in years. I have met many great people through it all, and have made many great friends.

I AM and WILL ALWAYS be, "A Patriotic American" AND a "Patriot Guard Rider" through the day I die, and in to Eternity! I never was an enlisted soldier in my lifetime, but with all that is within me, I will do all I can to respect and honor any and all Veteran's who have done something for my Country whether past, present or future for "United States of America". I realize beyond a shadow of doubt, that if it were not for those men and women that fought and served in some way for this Country, that I would not have, or be here to do what I can do for them. I SALUTE YOU ALL!


As to this www.NorCalPGR.org website.. I totally enjoy working it and giving my time and money for upkeep. I have recently retired back in January 2017 and have very little income to handle this on my own. As we all know nowadays, the price for everything is going up. I need your help if any of you can. So I am asking and hoping that if you can donate to help with the cost for operating this website, whether it's a one time donation, or continuous donation.. whatever.. any will be greatly appreciated:) My time and effort will always be free:)

I do assure any and ALL you that any money sent, will only be used for the cost of operating this website.

Please send an email to: blake@norcalpgr.org with your information,
and I will get back to you as soon as possible with further details:)

I Sincerely thank ALL of You for your support!
Blake "Burnout" Hutchinson
Patriot Guard Rider
Ride Captain
Susanville, CA
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