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Note: All photos were taken at the Mill City, NV stop during this Mission...

April 17, 2017
Escort & Memorial - William ( Bill ) King , of Dayton, NV to Battle Mtn, NV

On the morning of Apr,17th , Our mission was to lay to rest, William ( Bill ) King , of Dayton NV. 0830, I arrived at the funeral home in Carson City . NV. PGR James, from Dayton, NV. Was already there in his cage.

Assistant State Captain Dean Shuff arrived at 0840 . The Procession consisted of The Coach, and Two cages.

KSU at 0900, And dean lead the PGR escort of 2 motors and 1 cage , and the procession from the parking lot.

We proceeded north on I-580, to join I-80, eastbound. As we passed Vista Blvd. in Sparks, NV, we were joined By Assistant State Captain William Drummond, and 5 other PGR, on motors. William moved up to take the lead, While the other 5 PGR eased in between the coach and the cage carrying MRS King, and 2 of their children.

As we passed the junction of I-80 and highway 95, we were joined by Ride Captain Roger Elliott , 2 up with Sydney , Coming out of Fallon, NV, and fit right in with the motors behind the coach.

We Pulled in to Mill City, NV.at 1135, for a gas and stretch, to have KSU at 12:20.

Ride Captain Jim Driscoll rode his motor from Winnemucca to Mill City To join the escort. Ksu on time, and we are off to Battle Mountain, NV. Mrs King told me she was very proud to watch this unfold in front of her. And before we left Mill City, She presented each PGR with a “ Battle Field Cross “ Rifle, about 15 inches long, Black powdercoated. These were manufactured by her husband.

Arrive at the Battle Mountain Cemetery at 1340 hrs, for a 1400 hrs service, We formed a Flag Line to receive MR. King and his Family, Then a semi-circle around them and their guests,for the service.

William King is survived by his Wife Laura, Daughter Ginger ,Son Isaac , and Son Archie. Thank You Benny Hayslett, Laura’s Brother, and North Carolina PGR, for helping me plan this Mission.

Rest In Peace William ( Bill ) King. You mission is complete.

A Huge Thanks to our PGR For this mission, only had 5 days to plan this 500 mile round trip. Thanks to Dean and William for safely leading us , and to Bob for riding Sweep.

Tommy A. Rader
Ride Captain
Douglas county, Nevada
Patriot Guard Riders
"Standing for Those Who Stood for US"

Bill Drummond
Assistant State Captain
Northern Nevada
Patriot Guard Riders
"Standing for Those Who Stood for US"

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