Welcome to NorCalPGR.org Email Services

Now offering Email for PGR Members!

Patriot Guard Members can now get an Email address with the ending of ....@NorCalPGR.org

Here are the details on what you would get with each full version Email address:

1 Email address: whateveryouwant @ NorCalPGR.org
Unlimited Email Storage
Mobile access for: Smart Phones, Iphone, Blackberry and Droid
Website webmail access
POP Email access
Deluxe Group Calendar
1 GB Online File Folder
Price: $15.00 per year
(Instructions on how to do setup, will be included.)

There is also, at a lower price, an email for a PGR Member that is just an Email of "whatever @ NorCalPGR.org" that only forwards to your regular personal email address. Which of course, is less per year, BUT you would have to send back to whomever through your regular email address. (There are ways to modify your email to make it look like its coming from you @pgr, but using your regular email to send it through.)

1 Forwarding Email address: whateveryouwant @ NorCalPGR.org
Price: $10.00 per year
(Instructions on how to do setup, will be included.)

If you want one/ones for your wife, immediate family, etc that is not a PGR Member, they would still have to pay for each individual email address, but as long as they are within family related, they would still qualify for getting the deal.

You do not have to be "just" within the NorCalPGR local area. If you are in California somewhere, or in Reno Northern Nevada areas, that's fine too!

For more information, go to the "Contact NorCalPGR" webpage, fill in the Form with your information, submit it, and we will get back to you with further details!

Click HERE to contact NorCalPGR.org

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