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Sunday September 1, 2013
Cpl Jeffry R. Litz, US Marine Corp - Vietnam Veteran, Veterans Memorial Hall, Portola, CA

The Patriot Guard Riders having been invited by the family of fallen US Marine Corp - Vietnam Veteran, Cpl Jeffry R. Litz, to stand and honor during his Memorial Service at the Portola Veterans Memorial Hall, Portola, CA.

Cpl Jeffry R. Litz served in the US Marine Corp from 18 Aug 1970 to 18 July 1974. Cpl Jeffry R. Litz was a proud US Marine Corp veteran. Because of his love of life, his sense of humor and his love for his family, Cpl Jeffry R. Litz will be missed by many.

The mission involved a flag line at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Portola, CA. for family and friends to pass through. On a warm, overcast day, 27 PGR members, 23 motors and three cages, showed to present Honors for this true American Hero, where the PGR stood Honor Line at his Memorial Service.

I would like to give a special thanks to Northern Nevada, Reno PGR Dean Schuff and Joe Mastroianni their group who had fifteen members come to Portola (12 motors and 3 cages) to stand Honor Line with American Fags during this Mission. In addition to our Patriot Guard Riders we had a great representation of many groups on this Mission.

They include:
American Legion
Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood
Numerous Fire Departments through out the Valley
Honor Flight – Northern Nevada Michael “Gunny” Rios

Lastly, but not the least, I am thankful to U.S. Marine Corps - Vietnam Veteran, Cpl Jeffrey Litz, an American Hero, and his family. Your watch has been stood, your duty to protect this nation is complete, and you’ve earned the right to be called a true American Hero. Your service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Rest in Peace, your Mission is complete.

RC– Rick “Taildragger” Schultz

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