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Saturday September 23, 2017
Pearl Harbor Survivor, US Navy WWII Veteran, Quartermaster 1/c John William Hamby - Portola, CA 96122

The Patriot Guard Riders having been invited by the family of departed US Navy Veteran John William Hamby, Pearl Harbor Survivor, to stand, show Honor, Respect and participate in Military Honors at his Memorial service at the Veterans Memorial Hall in Portola, CA 96122.

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**On a very early chilly Fall time day, 13 PGR riders came to Honor John W. Hamby, his family and friends participating in Military Honors. The US Navy Honor Guard performing the Flag service, and the VFW and American Legion from Portola-Quincy the firing of volleys.

I would like to thank the following for their participating in this Mission:
9 PGR riders from Northern Nevada PGR
1 PGR rider from Oroville, CA
2 PGR riders from Alturas, CA
1 PGR rider from Susanville, CA
The US Navy Honor Guard
VFW and American Legion

The family was extremely appreciative and thankful for PGR and other Miltary people for their participation. Thank you John W. Hamby for your service to our country.. Thank you to your family and friends for their support to you during the years.. Rest in Peace.. Your Mission is complete.
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About John;
John recieved:
American Defense 1 Star
Asiatic Pacific 1 Star
American Area
Victory Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Points System

John was onboard many ships, Navy Units and Patrols during his 5 year & 4 months with the US Navy.
The ships and Units were:
NTS San Diego, CA
CASU Thirty-Four
USNAB Navy # 3237
USNOB Navy # 3237

About the USS ARGONNE;

On the morning of 7 December 1941, the "USS Argonne" — flagship for Rear Admiral William L. Calhoun, Commander, Base Force, Pacific Fleet — was berthed in the first repair slip at the north end of 1010 dock, with the minesweeper "Tern" alongside, when aircraft from six Japanese carriers struck the Pacific Fleet as it lay at Pearl Harbor, and neutralized surrounding air and military installations. The ship manned her antiaircraft battery — 3-inch guns and .50-caliber machine guns — and commenced fire about 07:58, shortly after the raid began.

"Argonne's" crew, wrote Comdr. F. W. O'Connor, the ship's commanding officer, "performed their duties in accordance with the best traditions of the service", helping to get wounded men from damaged ships, recovering bodies from the water, and "assisting with repair facilities to full capacity." Early in the raid, Corporal Alfred Schlag, USMC, from the ship's marine detachment, manning a .50-caliber machine gun, claimed shooting down an enemy plane as it flew over 1010 dock and turned toward Ford Island.

"Argonne" remained at Pearl Harbor into the spring, serving as flagship for the Base Force until Rear Admiral Calhoun moved his flag ashore, to a headquarters at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. That spring, the troopship President Taylor, while on a voyage to Canton Island, ran aground there. After loading salvage equipment, light trucks, medical supplies and ammunition, Argonne stood out of Pearl Harbor on 6 April 1942 for Canton, escorted by the fast minelayer "Breese", and arrived at her destination on 12 April. She soon sent a salvage party and equipment to attempt salvage of the grounded troopship.

Accompanied by "Breese" and the fleet tug "Navajo", "Argonne" cleared Canton on 5 May for Pearl Harbor, and arrived on the 11th. She remained there until 10 July, when, with general cargo on board, she sailed on her second voyage to Canton Island, accompanied this time by "Southard (DMS-10)" and "Hovey", and arrived at her destination on the 16th, unloading cargo the same day. Sailing on the 17th, "Argonne" put into Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands, on the 21st, to unload cargo, and then, two days later, set course for Nouméa, New Caledonia, in company with Hovey, arriving on 27 July 1942.

After being Honorably Discharged from the US Navy following his service during WWII he went to work for the Bureau of Reclamation while taking a correspondance course in surveying. He started out as a brush cutter and what was know as a 'rear chainman'.

He worked for a short time for PG&E, then worked as a surveyor in Chico, CA. He did surveying work and made maps where he held the position of crew chief for several years.

John worked for the CA Dept of Water Resources in the 50's and was very instrumental in the surveying for the Oroville Dam.

During his time working in Chico he began his own business, traveling into Paradise and Portola doing surveying work.

He married his wife Edith in 1968 while operating Hamby Surveying out of his office in Paradies, CA. He then opened another office in Portola in the mid 70's. He eventually sold the Paradise office in the mid 80's when he and his wife moved to Portola.He ran his surveying business until 2005 at the age of 82. He then sold the business and spent his retirement time traveling with his wife.

Susanville, CA PGR Ride Captain:
Blake "Burnout"


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