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Saturday September 20, 2014
Memorial AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers - US Navy WWII / Korean War Veteran, Standish, CA

The Patriot Guard Riders having been invited by the family of fallen US Navy WWII/Korean War Veteran, AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers, to stand and honor during his Memorial Service at the Standish Bible Church, Standish, CA 96128. AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers served his country proudly from Nov 1941 to Dec 1951.

AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers entered the US Navy prior to the beginning of World War II and served as an Aircraft Machinist Mate. AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers was initially assigned to the Pacific Theater aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga. After the USS Saratoga was badly damaged by Japanese torpedo's, he was assigned to the USS Lexington. The USS Lexington was later sunk in the Battle of the Coral Sea off of Australia in May of 1942. After being rescued from the USS Lexington, AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers was transferred to the USS Enterprise where he finished his Navy career after serving in the Korean War. After serving 10 years in the US Navy, AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers continued his love for mechanics, moving to Litchfield, CA just north of Susanville, owning his own Auto Shop business for more than 50 years until his retirement.

AD1st Class Louis W. "Bud" Albers was a proud US Navy WWII/Korean War Veteran. Because of his love of life, his sense of humor and his love for his family, he will be missed by many.

Interment services began at approximately 1100hrs, at the Standish Bible Church, off of Plumas Ave and Church St, Standish, CA 96128.

RC– Rick “Taildragger” Schultz

ARC - Blake "Burnout"

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