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Saturday October 31, 2015
AC3 Janis E. Heselton - US Navy Veteran Susanville, CA

AC3 Janis Heselton is the wife of Patriot Guard Rider and Ride Captain Jim Heselton of the Susanville Area. Our thoughts and Prayers are with Jim and his family. All who can, were encouraged to show Honors at this Mission in support not only to one of our Nations Veterans, but to one of our PGR family members.

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited by the family of fallen US Navy Veteran, Air Traffic Controller 3rd Class, Janis E. Heselton, to stand and honor during her Interment Service at the Diamond Crest Cemetery, Susanville, CA. 96130. AC3 Janis E. Heselton served her country proudly from 21 Sept 1959 to 20 Sept 1963.

AC3 Janis E. Heselton entered the US Navy and served Stateside as an Air Traffic Controller.

AC3 Janis E. Heselton was a proud US Navy Veteran. Because of her love of life, her sense of humor and her love for her family, she will be missed by many.

On a beautiful Fall day, 34 PGR motors and seven Cages, a total of 47 PGR members, met at Diamond Crest Cemetery where all were present to show Honors to AC3 Janis E. Heselton and her family at her Memorial Service.

Before I get too distant from the emotion and the event, I would like to thank the Reno Patriot Guard for the respect shown today to the family of my road dawg, Jim, in Susanville. What a sight to see those 45 flags flying, to pay respect and homage to a fallen Veteran. The Patriot Guard Riders is an amazing concept but not as amazing as the men and women who donate their time to pay respect to someone they don't even know. Thank you my brothers and sisters. I am humbled by your presence and honored to "stand the line" with you.. Gary Moffet

Ten motors, from Minden, NV, Loyalton, CA and Reno Sparks, NV along with three members in autos, departed Reno yesterday to honor Mrs. Heselton in Susanville, CA.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their assistance and participation in this Mission for our friend AC3 Janis E. Heselton:

Ride Captain Robert "Cowboy Bob" Rogers of the Sacramento Capital Region Flag Brigade with Fred Loveland (Redding area) who traveled to place the American Flags and Service Flags at Diamond Crest Cemetery,

Ride Captain Bob Prosser and his group from the Redding, CA area,

Nevada Assist State Captain Dean Shuff and his group from the Reno, NV area,

and Ride Captain Skip Kelly who drove down from Alturas to assist the Susanville PGR stand Honor Line with American Flags during this Mission.

In addition to our Patriot Guard Riders we had a great representation of many groups on this Mission. They include :
Patriot Guard Riders
American Legion
U. S. Navy Honor Team - Sacramento, CA

Lastly, but not the least, I am thankful to my friend Jim Heselton's wife - US Navy Veteran Janis Heselton, an American Hero and her family.

Your watch has been stood, your duty to protect this nation is complete, and you’ve earned the right to be called a true American Hero. Your service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Rest in Peace my friend, your Mission is complete.

RC: Rick “Taildragger” Schultz

ARC and Photographer:
Blake "Burnout"

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